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Waverley Community Association

Waverley is the place to be !

Kids love learning about their community

Kids love learning. Learning about their community. Learning about their surroundings. Learning about the place they call home. It’s been a long time since the Waverley Gold Rush of 1861 but it’s always fascinating how much Waverley kids enjoy learning about the history of the village and sharing it with their friends and family. 

It’s kinda cool to be from a little village with gold in the hills. 😎💛⛏

Over the years Waverley Community Association, and Waverley Heritage Society have worked to provide opportunities for families to participate in fun, interactive learning activities with a focus on local history. Somehow this shared local history promotes connection and builds a sense of community that extends well beyond childhood. 

Once a Waverley kid, always a Waverley kid.

It takes a village to do a lot of things, but now we turn to our villagers to keep the legacy of our community learning activities alive.

How can you help? 

VOTE YES to the Area Rate, because #ittakesavillage to make this happen.

In-person voting:

Waverley Public Meeting 

Monday, October 24th at 6pm 

Waverley Legion 

2234 Rocky Lake Drive

Mail-in ballots will be accepted until October 31st.

it’s always been fun finding some gold in the village

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