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Waverley Community Association

Waverley is the place to be !

Mission and Goals

The Waverley Community Association (WCA) has been active as a volunteer community organization for more than 25 years. Its past executive has included members from many of the older families of the village, as well as a good number of “new arrivals.” The general aims of the WCA are community-focused and span a broad range of environmental and community development / welfare issues. The size and structure of the WCA executive has varied over the years. At one point it included a number of subcommittees with specific responsibilities for fire and safety, community infrastructure “care and feeding”, and environmental monitoring of local lakes. Today’s executive consists of about 11 individuals that represent the various sub regions of the community-at-large.



  • Represent the community by maintaining an active presence and monitoring any new developments and events in the Village and surrounding areas.
  • Offer free WiFi and internet tutoring during the summer months.  The training includes software usage, social media, introduction to Tablets such as Android and I Pads.  These services area available through our summer students from June to September.
  • Promote the Village through the maintenance of the community website, and the use of social media.
  • Oversee the local beach and picnic area at Powder Mill Park, through the construction and repair of resources and equipment located in that area.
  • Operate the Village Green by offering a wide variety of entertainment, and other events.
  • Provide support and use of the community hall for Waverley Heritage Society and Museum facilities and their fund raising and social events.
  • Support the community’s annual Gold Rush event which celebrates the gold mining culture of the area by providing the use of the village office equipment and facilities to the organizing committee.
  • Provide facilities for meetings and local activity groups to gather at the Waverley community hall located at 2463 Rocky Lake Dr.
  • Officially recognize the efforts of local volunteers by mounting a plaque on the village green

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