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Waverley Community Association

Waverley is the place to be !


Waverley Community Association


Steve Sinnott (Chair)

Shelley Hume (Vice Chair)

Cheryl Sinnott (Secretary)

Barry Dalrymple (Treasurer)

Kevin O’Halloran

Justin Boudreau

Nicole Boudreau

Colin Dillon

Blaine Patriquin

Community Partnership Reps

Jane Rathbun (Silversides Subdivision Rep)

Judy Mallett / Rena Sala (Waverley Heritage Society)

Carolyn Nobes (Frame Subdivision Rep.)



WCA Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month  at 6:30 pm.

Location: Waverley Community Hall / Waverley Heritage Museum2463 Rocky Lake Drive.

These meetings are open to all Waverley Property Owners.

The Association is eager to attract new executive members with a strong interest in Waverley community affairs and the ability to attend one meeting each month at the Community Hall.

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