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Vote Update Nov 2022

Important Waverley Area Rate Vote Update! Thanks to all the residents of Waverley who have provided ongoing support and encouragement regarding the proposed community area rate. The positive response from the community has been overwhelming.   Unfortunately, our plans to finalize the vote on October 31st have been delayed due to concerns that were brought forward […]

Kids love learning about their community

Kids love learning. Learning about their community. Learning about their surroundings. Learning about the place they call home. It’s been a long time since the Waverley Gold Rush of 1861 but it’s always fascinating how much Waverley kids enjoy learning about the history of the village and sharing it with their friends and family.  It’s […]

Waverley Area Rate Video


The Area Rate Vote

It’s Vote Day! Looking forward to seeing members of the community come together and, VOTING YES for the proposed area rate! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The Village of Waverley is special. It has many unique places, events and activities that we’ve all grown to love and enjoy. It is a […]