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The Waverley Heritage Museum is OPEN for the summer!


All are welcome to visit us at 2463 Rocky Lake Drive, 9am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Explore the museum’s new layout! Please use the side door. 

One Comment on “The Waverley Heritage Museum is OPEN for the summer!

  1. Muriel Could you please call Marilyn Clarke 902-861-1419. Muriel I will tell you that we can’t take everything that people want to give us, and we do have a strict protocol for excepting new artifacts. We don’t have the room for everything that people want to give us and we have to have written permission from the owner that we either are being given the item, or it is being lent to the Museum, and we have to know that the person giving it to us is in fact the owner of the item. I know it sounds very picky but we have gotten in trouble in the past when someone comes in and is disappointed that their give is not on display, or sometimes when a person passes away the family will come in and want the item back. Operating a museum is not an easy process. However please don’t give up on us, I just wanted you to understand.
    Paul Hudson

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