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About the Waverley Heritage Society

About the Waverley Heritage Society

About WHS

The Waverley Heritage Society was incorporated under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia in April 1979 under the name “Heritage Society of District 14″. The originating purpose for founding the society was the preservation of the historic Canadian National Railways Station in Windsor Junction. Despite many efforts by the society, the station was demolished in the summer of 1984. However, the Society still exists, under the name Waverley Heritage Society.

The objectives of the Waverley Heritage Society are:

  • To preserve and maintain the Heritage of Waverley and surrounding areas.
  • To preserve artifacts, pictures, documents, records and items of historical and cultural significance to Waverley and surrounding areas.

The Waverley Heritage Society maintains the Waverley Heritage Museum by holding fundraising events, such as the Vintage Car Display, Annie and Wallace Memorial Tea, and the annual duck race during Gold Rush days.

The museum itself is divided into sections to give a picture of the development of the community from 1841 to present day.

The Waverley Heritage Museum is open during the summer months and during Waverley Gold Rush Days.  It may also be open by appointment in the winter time by calling Paul Hudson at (902) 499 5190.

The Waverley Heritage Society meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7 pm. We welcome all new members to attend. The meetings are all held at the Waverley Village Hall at 2463 Rocky Lake Drive, Waverley.