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TrailCross Race 2016

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What is TrailCross?

TrailCross is a run that brings you back to the simplest form of competition. It’s a hybrid between a traditional trail run, and familiar interval training.  Entrants will compete in multiple, small sized qualifying heats, advancing based on their performances, not their times. Top 50% of each gender by heat advance. It’s run well and move on. So simple! Enjoy a Shubie Park like experience, with heats.


The Next Evolution in Running!

It is designed to test both the physical and mental side of its participants regardless of relative ability, whether they are being chased as the pack’s leader, or grinding it out as they reel in the runner just in front of them. The courses will be short, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 k. comprised of mostly double and triple width trail, with ascents and descents, the talent required to win will demand agility, focus, adaptability, and a drive to challenge the pack.


Who can race?

The unique format of TrailCross lends itself to all types of athletes. Traditional races have created a clear advantage to distance runners who primarily train their cardiovascular systems to improve their endurance. TrailCross levels the playing field by decreasing distance and making agility, and energy bursts a factor too. Athletes of all disciplines can compete and win! It will be exhilarating and fun, all at the same time.


What if I don’t win?

TrailCross is committed to creating a champion. However, the definition of a champion is not always constant. For TrailCross, a champion is an individual who stops at nothing to reach their goal. Whether that goal is ultimate victory, or friendly participation, the TrailCross staff and volunteers, and your supporters will be on-site rooting for you to complete that goal.


I’m not fast/fit enough?

Well, with that attitude, you never will be either! TrailCross features a Champions and a complete consolation round (Champions of Tomorrow). The latter, pits those who did not advance in their first heat, against each other. When you advance as race day progresses, both groups will find themselves running more with people of their relative ability. That creates a great experience for all entrants, male or female, younger or older. Spaces are limited, register soon.


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