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Waverley Gold Diggers Display


Come to the Waverley Heritage Museum to view our new exhibit on the history of the Waverley Gold Diggers hockey team! It’s open to the public for the remainder of August! Learn a bit about the hockey history of this community any time from 9-4 Monday to Friday, 2463 Rocky Lake Drive. See you there!


poster for hockey display

2 Comments on “Waverley Gold Diggers Display

  1. Any chance of getting some close-up pictures of any of the Gold Diggers information or photos ?

    I grew up in Waverley and do not get back to the area very often and enjoy reading historical articles

    • Paul
      I don’t know if you ever received a response. The answer is yes if we have permission from the owner. The museum is now open for the summer so you can drop in and ask the ladies anytime from 9:00 – 4:00 Monday to Friday.

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